Use Dating Tips To Inspire Romance in Novels

Romance in novels and romance novels specifically are becoming quite a challenge.  There are thousands of romance novels out there and many of these novels contain some of the best romantic tails that ever existed. While this is superb for literature it can be problematic to authors.  To write a top-selling novel your romantic tale should be unique.  Yes, there are some novelists out there that achieve great success by rewriting a romantic tale.  A good example of this rewriting technique is all the different versions of fairy tales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.  Even some modernized romantic literature works that focus on the same storyline and even contain the same characters can do well.  But writers don’t achieve success through rewrites very often.  It is always best to write the ultimate romantic story that no one has ever heard or read before.

So, how do you write a romantic tale that is completely unique and different when there are so many different romance stories out there?  Well, there is no easy recipe for this for sure but checking out some dating tips can be a great way to inspire a great romantic tale or to inspire a few romantic scenes within your novel.

Why dating tips are great for inspiring romance

Modern dating tips can help you create a much more realistic and up to date romance scene.  Real life dating is, after all, way different from the dating stories you read in romance tales. Most romance novels are all buttered up and sugar coated but doesn’t represent what modern dating really is like and hardly gives a realistic romance vibe since technology is greatly excluded in romance.  If you have been in the dating game recently then you probably realize just how important tech is for the modern relationship.  Everything from how frequently he or she calls you to social media posts can have an impact on a relationship, especially if a couple is still new.

Check out this review site to get accurate dating tips

It can be quite a challenge for authors to get accurate dating information since ideas and reality can be quite different. is a superb site you can check out right now for reviews on dating products like advice books, articles, DVDs, sites, apps, dating programs and more.  Why should you be checking out Dating reviews?  Well, you can actually learn more about a certain dating tip or product without having to actually invest in the product.  Authors can also get valuable info on the effectiveness of dating tools and their credibility.  For example; you can find out if a certain dating app really does make a difference in the dating world or not.  This in return can inspire a wonderful dating or romance scene in your novel.

Dating tips and dating tip reviews are a superb source for any romantic tale whether you are looking for outing ideas for your characters or a unique meeting setup.  Who knows, these tips might just help you find the love of your own and help you enjoy a romantic life of your own.

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Where Single Romance Writers Can Learn All About Relationships

You don’t have to be an expert in a certain field to write about that topic.  Steven King, for example has numerous books on different topics.  He cannot possibly be an expert on all professions his character’s has and yet, his works sell.  And his work is successful because they are on the mark because he puts a lot of effort into researching everything that goes into his books.  With just a bit of research you can sound like an expert in any line of work, on any topic and in any situation.  You can even write about love even though you have never been in a relationship in your life.

Why it is important to research

Real love is nothing like the soppy stuff you see on TV.  Real love is unique.  You can love a million people and you will have a different type of love for each and every one of them.  Your love for your parents is a respect and gratitude kind of love.  The love for your friends is a thankful and free kind of love.  The love for a spouse is worship and admiration type of love and the love for a child… is unconditional.

Where Single Romance Writers Can Learn All About Relationships

Why it is important to research real relationships

In books you have to give a realistic representation of what your characters feels for one another.  Different relationships and different couples do different things together, they treat one another differently and they act differently.  In your books you need to know what the differences are.  For example, couples with a huge age difference often argue about things to do.  Couples who are opposites will also argue about things to do but accommodate for the other’s shortcomings.  Couples who are the same can hardly speak and know exactly what the other has to say.

Get the best advice on love here

You can visit for the best advice on relationships, dating and love.  The site is loaded on practical advice for men and women about dating but the advice is also incredibly useful to writers who have never been in a real relationship. The articles will also give you some great ideas for stories, romance and events in your books and will make your work seem much more realistic since you will know what real people and real couples are dealing with.

Find love for yourself

Personal experience always makes better writers.  When you have lived and experienced scenarios for yourself you know much more about the tiny detail and feelings that are involved.  If you are truly keen on writing romantic novels then you should find love for yourself or at least give dating a try.  You will be surprised at the fun you will have and the thrill of it all.  If you are a bit scared to put yourself out there the Date and Simple’s dating tips is just what you need to get yourself motivated and ready for this big step.

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