Start Your Own Literary Blog

Unfortunately, the publishing world has been inundated with wannabe writers. There are plenty of people calling themselves authors who are far from gifted in that arena. In fact, with the number of upstart sites, and non-English speaking writers infiltrating the content writing industry, it’s a wonder that anyone chooses to write anymore. But, if you are one of those “go against the grain” individuals willing to start your own literary blog, you are going to need our advice.

First, though, let’s make sure we are on the same page. Writing is indeed a gift, and a select few are actually in possession of said gift. However, as a gift, the truth is no one really wants to give away their writing. We all want to make money and in order to do that, you might need to display advertising on the blog you create. Be forewarned that about 40% of people surfing the net have figured out how to block ads. That’s why you’ll need to contact Advertise World, the first company to create unblockable ads. That will open the door to the revenue you need to make your blog a financial success.

Start Your Own Literary Blog

Taking the Next Steps

Once you’ve got the advertising under control, you can focus on what’s most important, the writing! The following information should help you create a blog that people want to come back to. The more return and new visitors you have the better your site will do on the search engines. And, the more money making advertisers will be interested in placing their ads on your blog. So, consider the following tips as you move towards creating your literary blog:

  • Great Headlines– Believe it or not, these matter the most on your site. Killer headlines will attract more click thrust. The title should really grab the readers’ attention, make them want to know more. Take the time to learn more about headline writing.
  • Word Count– The truth is, you are going to have to learn how to be very concise in your word counts. People are short on attention spans these days. They want short sentences and lots of scannable bullets. The problem, of course, is that anything of literary value is not written that way. So, you’ll have to create a following before you start really giving people lengthy reads.
  • Be Tough– While most people who take the time to comment on your posts will be kind, there are a lot of people who failed to learn the old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” So, you’ll need to be tough enough to take their trash talk without letting it affect you personally.
  • Seek Contributions– If you want to boost your traffic, consider getting some of your better spoken commenters to contribute. If they can write decent comments on your pieces, chances are they might have something interesting to add to your site. Plus, they will tell their friends about the piece they submitted to you and those people will bring traffic.
  • Be Original- One great thing about the literary blog idea is that you will probably be creating completely unique content. Ensuring that you publish original content will help you maintain integrity and interest. Read more about creating original content.

There are a number of other great suggestions for starting your first literary blog. Feel free to read all about them here.

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