Why Writers Should Follow Up On Politics

Everyone always think that writers and novelists are constantly sucking ideas from their thumbs to fuel their stories.  But writing actually involves a lot of research, planning and facts than you might think.  Even fiction stories that are constructed in a complete mythical world involve some research and studying so the writer can create a relatively realistic and believable world in which the reader can get lost.  Politics plays a big role in our everyday life, which means that politics plays a huge role in our books.  Every writer should stay clued up on politics and be knowledgeable about politics so they can write better.  Here are the top reasons why writers should follow politics.

Why Writers Should Follow Up On Politics

Your books will be much more realistic

If you are writing a book that plays off in the modern world and in a modern society then you should know about the political issues and influences that affect that community because these influences will greatly affect your character’s decisions and reasons for doing certain things in a certain way. If the world in which your characters live is more realistic, your character themselves will become more real and the reader might even think that such a character actually exist even if he or she does not.

You will always have your facts straight

If you continuously follow politics you will know how countries operate and you will always have your facts right for your books so you don’t end up making a mockery of yourself and your work.

A great source of ideas for books

Politics can be a great source of ideas for books.  You can write about battles between countries, struggles within parliament, ordeals that democrats have to cope with or threats that affect the public in their natural home and environment.  Politics can fuel an idea for a story or can simply create the world or beneficiary factors to your characters motives and ideas.

It’s good for you to follow politics

Politics provides a great way for you to always have something to say to anyone and it is always good for you personally to know what is happening in your country so you can make the right decisions when it comes to supporting the right organizations and so you can also inspire others to make the right decisions.

Know what happens in the world by following the FDD

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies is a non-profit organization that studies international relationships to promote foreign policies and national security.  They fight terrorism and they also assist in correcting injustices across the globe.  The FDD is constantly engaged in international trades and negotiations and their findings are helping the government make accurate decisions regarding how to treat neighboring countries.  If you know what the FDD is up to, you will always know what the world is up to and you will know about all international threats that are threatening your country.  When you have all the facts your books will be as accurate and realistic as possible.

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