How to Create the Perfect Writers Corner in Your Home

As a wannabe writer, you have probably dreamt a thousand times of how you will be sitting in a crowded coffee shop typing away on your first bestselling novel.  Perhaps you even envisioned yourself sitting on the beach in the shade of a big umbrella while penning down that – one in a million – idea of the world’s best novel ever.

The reality of becoming a writer is much different from that iconic picture of you sitting in a dreamy destination.  In reality, you need a dedicated workplace and a very strict schedule or that dream of writing a novel will stay just that – a dream.

Writing is 90% hard and tiring work and only about 10% enjoyment.  With too many distractions and not enough strict dedication there is just no way you can force yourself to concentrate, focus and stay on track with your writing.

The perfect dedicated writer’s area in your home can make a world of difference in your writing. Here is how you can create a perfect writers corner in your home so you can finally fulfill that dream of finishing that first novel.

Peace of mind is a must

The most critical factor is peace of mind.  There shouldn’t be worries, things to do and distractions keeping you from working.  Set aside a specific time each and every day just for writing.  Nothing should disturb this time and nothing should be more important than getting to your writing.  A good way to get peace of mind is by getting homeowners insurance.  With good homeowners insurance, you won’t have to worry about that expensive laptop or PC you bought to get your writing done.  You won’t have to worry about that spacious and costly desk.  You won’t have to worry about that extra computer screen.  You will actually open your wallet to these writers’ necessities because you know that you will be covered should these items get stolen.  Visit to get the lowest quotes from all of the best insurance companies in your region.

Pick a good corner

We always tend to think that a quiet and isolated area will be the best place to work but the opposite is often true.  The keyword is dedicated, not isolated.  You cannot write good novels if you are hiding away in a depressive corner in the back of your house where see no one and nothing all day.  You cannot write when you are constantly getting up to check on your house.  Pick a corner in your house where you like to spend time.  That corner where you read your magazines, check your phone.  Yes, that corner in the living room is perfect for a dedicated writer’s area.

Buy a good desk

Get a good quality desk.  You will be spending many hours each and every day for the rest of your life on that very same desk.

Buy a good office chair

Comfortable seating is a must if you don’t want to end up stiff and sore necked each and every day.  A good office chair can also improve posture and is a must for a good writer’s corner.

Built in cupboard

Good writing doesn’t just happen.  You have to work hard for it.  You have to learn to write and learning means reading lots of books on writing and reading lots of literary works.  Get a good cupboard in which you can store all your books and other inspirational items like pictures, notebooks and more.

Broken in keyboard

An old broken in keyboard is much better than a brand new keyboard with flashing neon lights and glitter.  Pick a basic keyboard and break it in so you can type fast.

A good desktop computer

A desktop computer is often best for writers.  The desktop computer creates that dedicated worker area.  Invest in a good computer and get a graphics card installed on the desktop so you can run two monitors on the same computer.  It makes a world of difference in your writing when you can display research on one monitor and type away on the other.

These are the basics for creating the perfect writer’s office.  Add a bit of personal flair and décor and you will have a dedicated dream space where you will actually hit that 5000 words per day target you have set for yourself while you are writing your own book.

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