The Top 5 Writing Jobs for Physically Disabled People

Our modern digital world resulted in more writing jobs than ever before which is terrific news for any disabled person or parent.  These online jobs enable people to finally work from the comfort of their home whilst earning a pretty decent salary. There are quite a few virtual jobs you can consider today including graphic design, virtual assistant, social media marketing and much more but writing is one of the best jobs to pursue since you only need a compute, internet connection and a bit of writing skill to become successful. Here are the top 5 writing jobs for physically disabled people.

The Top 5 Writing Jobs for Physically Disabled People

Medical writing – This is one of the most difficult online writing jobs available but without a doubt the most lucrative.  Medical writing requires you to speak medical – yes, it’s kind of a language all on its own.  While a professional qualification is not essential it will without a doubt benefit you a lot when it comes to getting more writing gigs and providing the best and highest quality work.

Academic writing – A lot of writing firms are willing to dish out a lot of cash for academic writing.  Academic writing involves doing student writing assignments for them so they will have more time for themselves.

Article writing – Article writing is one of the most common writing jobs available.  This form of writing is relatively easy to grasp and the pay isn’t too bad if you are willing to work hard or improve your knowledge in certain fields like SEO, marketing, content writing and more.

Story writing – There are quite a few freelancers out there that earn quite a lot of cash by writing short stories and selling these pieces online.  Perhaps you are one of the lucky writers to get constant requests for work but most freelance story writers forfeit their author name and sell their stories for ghostwriting purposes.

E-book writing – E-book writing is hard work and you will need basic design skills since most e-books written for marketing purposes requires a great look and even photographic content.

What every disabled writer should have

The right tools just make any job a lot easier.  If you want to become a home based writer then the following basics is an absolute must;

The right wheels – Writing involves sitting in front of a computer for a lot of long hours which can be quite grueling.  A good power wheelchair is one of the best types of investments any disabled individual can make because they provide comfortable seating and they improve mobility since you can move around the house freely, sit comfortably in front of just about any desk and get around much better.  You can check out power wheelchair reviews to have a look at some of the best power wheelchairs currently on the market.

Desktop with split monitor – All digital writing jobs involve a lot of research.  If you don’t want to constantly be minimizing your screen tabs then two screens is a must.  You can research content on one monitor and type away on the other monitor while still enjoying the functionality of a singular desktop.

Internet connection – As said before; writing involves a lot of research and that is exactly why a steady internet connection is an absolute must for any freelance writer.

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